The Raider’s Run

Welcome to a spectacular ride or drive through Kentucky’s Historic Northeast Region! “The Raider’s Run” is a 108 mile 2.5 Hour experience that will take you to 3 amazing Kentucky State Parks in the area which include Carter Caves State Resort Park, Grayson Lake State Park, and Greenbo Lake State Resort Park. On this route you will also find Two Historic Wooden Covered Bridges including one that you can still ride or drive through! Named after the local High School Mascot, This incredible trip through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and Kentucky Farmland brings an equally memorable experience that is a perfect combination of the local history and epic scenery that can only be found in Grayson, KY! This is a definitely a ride that you don’t want to miss as it will also connect you with other great routes which exist in the  Grayson including Farmer’s Fury, To the Holler, and Kentucky Wooden Covered Bridges to the East! For more information check our “What’s Around” section in our Mobile Application.