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Scout’s Honor Trail

Every Wander were the Boy Scouts were founded? Well this 122 Mile Route will answer that question for you in the small Appalachian town of Burnside, KY were this route got it’s name. Scout’s Honor Trail takes you on a journey through Boy Scout History, The Civil War, and Military History as you traverse the curves and epic scenery that can only be found here on the Backroads of Appalachia! From the Boy Scout Historical Marker and House in Burnside, to the Mill Springs Civil War Area in Nancy, to the Veterans Memorial Park in Somerset Kentucky, this one of a kind riding or driving experience is not one you want to miss. This route also takes you to many other great “Uniquely Appalachian” locations and Points of Interest such as the Wolf Creek Dam in Jamestown, Kentucky and also connects you with several of our other great routes such as Appalachian Gateway 80, Yamacraw Arrowhead, and Big South Fork exGRAVELganza for you Adventure Touring and Gravel lovers! To find out more check the “What’s Around” section in our mobile application!