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The WV Thunderbolt

This 77 Mile 2 hour journey is “Almost Heaven” for our more spirited riders and sports car enthusiasts as it takes you on an incredible journey through the coalfields of West Virginia! At the beginning of this epic ride or drive is the small Appalachian town of Bolt, West Virginia and also were this route gets it’s name! Located in Raleigh County, Bolt has a rich history tied to the coal mining and industry, boasting the perfect scenic backdrop for this unique and memorable experience! On this trip you will visit many other historic small communities along the way like Oceana, Pineville, Mullens, Sophia, and Glen Daniel, each with its own unique history and charm. Each town welcomes travelers with southern small-town hospitality and a nod to their coal mining legacy, providing a glimpse into local life. As you ride or drive through these towns, you’ll not only experience the exhilarating twists and turns of the road but also delve into the rich history and unique character of each location. To find or explore all this area has to offer including our “Uniquely Appalachian” Points of Interest Click the “What’s Around” Button in our Mobile Application!