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Twisted Ridges of Pendleton County KY

Twisted Ridges of Pendleton County, Kentucky, is an 84-mile, 2-hour 15-minute journey through one of the most scenic and spectacular areas in Northeast Kentucky. Accessible right off of i-75 at exit 154,  Twisted Ridges is a curvy and unforgettable ride or drive through Northern Kentucky’s scenic farmland and our only trail route that twists and turns over itself four times, giving this unique route its name! From the stunning views found at Kincaid Lake State Park to the “Once of a Kind” retro miniature town and roadside attraction built by a local farmer for all to see and enjoy known as “Punkyville,” this epic ride through Kentucky’s Tobacco and Farming region offers something for every type of individual. Along this route, there are many great things to see and explore in Pendleton County, Kentucky. For more information, click “What’s Around” in our mobile application.