Chained Rock

  • address 1050 State Park Road, Pineville, Kentucky 4097736.753583.6976

Chained rock is a massive boulder that looms over Pineville, Kentucky, threatening to roll down Pine Mountain, destroying the whole town, were it not for the massive chain tethering it to the mountain.

While the story of the chained rock is compelling, it was actually created by Pineville locals who were looking to create a tourist attraction near their small town. Thus in the 1930s the town installed the huge, 101-foot length of heavy-duty chain, linking one end to a colossal boulder on Pine Mountain and attaching the other end to the mountain itself. The rock is still a popular tourist attraction and even has its own informational plaque for visitors.

Cumberland Gap National Historical Park

  • address 91 Bartlett Park Road , Middlesboro, KY 4096536.5996401-83.6944992

Cumberland Gap, the first gateway to the west, the buffalo, the Native American, the long hunter, the pioneer all traveled this route through the mountains into the wilderness of Kentucky.

Laurel Cove Amphitheater

  • address 1046-1048 State Park Road, Pineville, Kentucky 4097736.743083.7069

Ever wondered what it would be like for a music festival to take place in the middle of the forest deep in the heart of Appalachia? Where you can relax beneath the canopy of old growth hemlock, with music floating through the mountain laurel and rhododendron? Wonder no more. Be sure to watch the Hippies and Cowboys Podcast and Facebook Page for that info about upcoming events and lineups. We are monitoring the COVID-19 landscape on a national, state, and local level daily, because having this festival can only happen if we do it safely. And stay tuned to our Laurel Cove Music Festival Facebook Page for more the most up-to-date info.

Pine Mountain State Resort Park

  • address 1050 State Park Road, Pineville, KY 4097736.7362449-83.73776699999999

Pine Mountain State Resort Park is located in Pineville, Kentucky and is a true gem in the Kentucky State Parks system. Make sure to check out our cabin rentals, and our amazing hike to chained rock.

Roper’s Market

  • address 144 W. Hwy 72 Baxter 40806 , Baxter, KY 4080636.8598108-83.330737

Located at the edge of Harlan, just past the Coal Monument, we offer high quality produce, homestyle jarred items, candy making supplies, seeds and plants, locally raised meats, Kentucky coffee, snack items, old-fashioned candy, Mennonite baked goods, Harlan County honey and artwork, glass bottle pop, and more. As a Kentucky Proud and Appalachia Proud market, our goal is to offer as many local or close-to-home products, as we can, connecting those who grow and produce with those who want to buy a product from their home area or where they are visiting.

The Pinnacle’s Trailhead

  • address Pinnacle View Rd, Middlesboro, KY 4096536.60428013386829-83.69747280694047

Navigate to the trailhead to begin The Pinnacle.