Big Blue Smoke House

  • address  123 Corporate Drive, 101, Hazard, KY 4170137.2932415-83.2164604

We serve BBQ, Steak, Pasta and Seafood

We slow smoke our BBQ Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs and Brisket to perfection. We have Filet Migon, Rib Eye, New York Strip and Sirloin steaks available. Eat steak is hand cut and rubbed with our homemade seasoning then grilled over open flame.

Circle T Restaurant

  • address 1519 Combs Road , Hazard, KY 4170137.2863791-83.2074507

Open 24/7 with fresh grub.

Dukes of Hazard Steakhouse & Daniel Boone Tavern

  • address 90 Boone Ridge Road, Hazard , KY 4170137.28304139999999-83.21416669999999

Dukes of Hazard Steakhouse & Daniel Boone Tavern has the best steak and live music in Eastern, KY.

Frances’s Diner

  • address 1315 Combs Road, Hazard, KY 4170137.2875967-83.2105473

Frances Diner is a family owned restaurant nestled in the mountains of Hazard, KY Where you can find everything from daily home cooking to burgers

OPEN 24/7!!

Goofy’s Pool Room & Grill

  • address 234 Dryhill Road , Hyden, KY 4174937.1655093-83.3733566

We buy fresh food daily cause we care about our customers. Food served and pool tables!


  • address 25 Firehouse Lane, Hyden, KY 4174937.1609254-83.3732373

Grab a Big Hot Ham and Cheese Today.

Hazard Coffee Company

  • address 470 Main Street, Hazard, KY 4170137.2480165-83.19550249999999

Warm up & chill out with some amazing coffee!

Hyden Grocery

  • address 21400 Highway 421, Hyden, KY 4174937.1543503-83.371134

Pizza, Salads, subs, sandwiches and more!

La Pena Mexican Grill

  • address 278 Village Lane, Hazard, KY 4170137.2817601-83.23100269999999

At La Pena Mexican Grill we offer meals of excellent quality and invite you to try our delicious food.

The key to our success is simple: providing quality consistent food that taste great every single time. We pride ourselves on serving our customers delicious genuine dishes like: Mexican

Eat delicious food. Grab a drink. But most of all, relax! We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your continued support.

Mario’s Pizza

  • address 21836 Main Street , Hyden, KY 4174937.1607622-83.371662

Pizza, Subs, Salads and more!

Ole Bus Stop Diner

  • address 64 Mulberry St, Booneville, KY 4131437.4763873-83.67454730000001

A variety of food for everyone, whether you're hungry for home cooked meals, steaks, seafood, burgers, salad or just a little desert we've got food for you.

Pantry Shelf Donuts

  • address 426 Memorial Dr, Hazard , KY 4170137.2508579-83.1938911

The Pantry Shelf is a convenience store located in Hazard, Kentucky. The Pantry Shelf is best known for its delicious fresh donuts, Ice's, sandwiches and pizza!

Prime 606 Steakhouse

  • address 380 Cardinal Dr, Hazard , KY 4170137.235144-83.17289749999999

Eat at a real steak house with Prime 606! Weekly specials & juicy steaks!

Sam’s Hotdogs

  • address 800 Morton Blvd, Hazard, KY 4170137.2797848-83.2257873

Sam's Hot dogs is a region based franchising company which started in 1988 in West Virginia. Our franchises are located in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia.