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Backroads of Appalachia!
May 25, 2021 by Patrick Mogavero
A few weeks back a couple of friends of mine and I took a weekend bike trip from southern Ohio to southern Kentucky and the towns of Pineville and Middlesboro. Kentucky. The purpose of the trip was two fold. We wanted to ride the fantastic roads through the Central-Eastern part of Kentucky and we wanted to attend the first annual Pine Mountain Hillclimb event. The Hillclimb at this point is limited only to race prepared cars, of which they have many classes, and no motorcycles as of yet. They use 1.7 miles of wonderfully smooth and twisty paved road that runs through a section of Pine Mountain State park. The event is jointly organized by the Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) and the Backroads of Appalachia. It is the BoA that I’m going to focus on in this article. The BoA puts on many events through the year, mainly geared toward motorcycle riders but with some car events too, that are designed to draw mototourism to a very depressed part of our country. But one that every motorcycle rider should visit, as the roads, the scenery, the attractions are some of the best to be found anywhere.