My First Hill Climb; understanding what it means to be a racer

April 28, 2022|BRZ, hillclimb

When I begin to think back about how I ended up driving some overgrown monstrosity of a Subaru BRZ up the side of a mountain for basically nothing in return except my own giddiness, I keep returning to two things; watching my brother when I was 11 or so play Gran Turismo 2 and using the Suzuka Pikes Peak hill climb car to cheat and win every race, and watching Jeremy Foley crash his Evo off the side of Pikes Peak in August of 2012.

I understand most people will say “what the hell is wrong with you” or

something to that extent and I honestly ask that of myself a lot as well, but

something about the danger, and extreme nature of Pikes Peak and to a larger

extent (through my love of rock climbing), the mountains have always called to

me. Coming to understand the engineering involved to keep a car at speed, on

the road and running is all on the extreme end of the spectrum. The

dedication, sleepless nights, frustration, time away from family and hours of

work that goes into a car and team, is just incredible. Again the thought “what

the hell is wrong with you” comes to mind. While Pikes Peak maybe a pipe

dream I finally got my first taste of it at the 2022 Pine Mountain hill climb. Follow the link to read more.