Organizing a motorsports-related event in eastern Kentucky just got easier: Backroads of Appalachia just received over $1 million in grants.

Organizing motorsports events in eastern Kentucky just got easier, thanks in part to $1.4 million in grants that Backroads of Appalachia has recently received.

“Backroads of Appalachia helps supply the venue and coordinate with government and private entities to make motorsports events happen,” said Backroads of Appalachia Executive Director Erik Hubbard. “[The grants allow] us to purchase anything and everything needed for an event–from safety to time trial to multimedia equipment–and have it available to organizers. The organizer won’t have to lease [the equipment] or haul it–we’ll have it there. They just have to worry about the racers and putting on the event. We hope this makes the motorsports events’ entry fees the cheapest in the country, bringing even more people to the state.”

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