Dragon Slayer Hwy 160

Take a trip on the trail that started it all. Instead of talking about a dragon’s body, we have a trail that Slays all the Dragons. With a speed limit of 55 mph, brand new pavement, no rumble strips, and over 226 curves and 24 technical miles of total badassery, the Dragonslayer 160 is the trail route you will not soon forget! Each side of the Dragonslayer 160 hosts a town that was instrumental in creating America’s industrial revolution. From coal miners to trains, these historic towns are almost unchanged. Take a trip back to when the Appalachian Mountains fueled and built America. Visit Portal 31 Coal Mine and take a tour of what once was one of the biggest coal-producing mines in the world. In the 1930s, immigrants, representing over thirty-eight Nations, moved to Lynch, Kentucky, to work this mine and lived to earn an honest day’s wage for a fair day’s work. The world still has much to learn from Lynch, Kentucky. Please stop by our Dragonslayer 160 Welcome Center to sign our wall and meet our friendly and dedicated staff of second chance employees.

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